C Tidd

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Full-Stack Web Development:

I develop user-friendly websites with modern tools.

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Straightforward Benefits


Take advantage of current standards for effective development.


Be proactive: mobile and alternative devices are gaining traction.


Use feedback on site performance to fuel future improvements.


Develop with consideration for future expansion and modification.


Never hide from security problems that could harm your business.


Provide a good experience for everyone, not just people with perfect vision.

An Effective Approach

There’s more to a project than writing code: I advocate for rigorous development processes and standards to ensure quality products; just as important, I take user experience considerations into account throughout a project’s lifecycle.

In terms of technology, the majority of my projects are in some combination of C# (ASP.NET MVC + Entity Framework + Razor), HTML, CSS, SCSS/Sass, JavaScript, and jQuery.

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