I develop websites and applications.

  • Front-End Web Development

    I develop responsive websites and web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The web is constantly evolving, so right now that means HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript 2015.

    I work with frameworks such as Angular, methodologies like BEM, and development tools including Gulp, Grunt, Babel, and Browserify to build quality, maintainable results.

  • User Interface Engineering

    From datepickers to accordions, I’ve developed and used a variety of user interface components to power customer-facing web applications. I work with visual and user experience designers to determine suitable technical solutions and offer design input that draws from my experience.

    Complex interfaces are difficult to build and maintain, but in experienced hands, they tend to come together as more than the sum of their parts.

  • User Experience Design

    I work with areas of UX design to understand and address user needs. Whether designing on my own or working with a team of designers, I’ve found results rely on both design and implementation quality.

    Mobile device support, legacy browser support, accessibility, and are all often-overlooked aspects of effectively communicating with and serving both sophisticated and mainstream users.