I specialize in front-end web development for websites and large-scale web applications.

I build responsive websites and applications with modern web technology: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I work with frameworks including React and Angular where appropriate, and I’m comfortable writing custom, vanilla solutions for even the most complex functionality.

From accordions to datepickers to tabpanels, I’ve developed a variety of custom components to drive large-scale, public-facing websites. I’ve also built and maintained project-specific pattern libraries to document and iterate on these across enterprise teams.

  • Improving Performance

    Faster products increase user engagement and conversions. It’s hard to overstate the continuous benefits that come from prioritizing performance.

  • Guiding Team Standards

    Sustainable, forward-thinking development practices are necessary to keep a project in maintainable shape — especially as needs evolve.

  • Facilitating Usability

    User-friendly products are difficult to build and even harder to maintain — they require design and development teams to approach usability holistically.

Focused on user interfaces, I have substantial experience with a broad range of front-end technologies.

I enjoy exploring new tools and ideas through small, useful side projects.