As a front-end web developer, I work with user interfaces in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I specialize in front-end web development for websites and large-scale web applications:

I have years of experience building responsive websites and large-scale web applications with a foundation of modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ES2015+). I work with frameworks such as React and Angular where appropriate, and I leverage a broad spectrum of JavaScript-based development tools to support writing and releasing quality code.

From datepickers to accordions, I’ve developed a variety of custom user interface components to drive large-scale, public web applications. I’ve built application-specific pattern libraries to document and iterate on these modules, and to improve collaboration across teams of developers and designers on enterprise projects.

I work with business partners and user experience designers to determine suitable technical solutions and offer design and business input that draws from my experience.

In addition to the main technical needs of front-end development, I emphasize:

  • Usability

    User-friendly websites and applications are built by design and development teams who understand each other’s goals.

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  • Performance

    The faster your website is, the more engaged and thrilled users will be by it. You’ll see continuous benefits from a performant website.

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  • Front-End Best Practices

    Sustainable, forward-thinking development practices lead to applications that are more easily maintained as needs evolve.

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